the Orangemen series is a bold representation of activities inspired by life. living is not simply about surviving, but truly experiencing the joy of life. the series has continued to expand and evolve since the my cancer diagnosis.

tech art

examining technology through art, the Tech Art series using recycled computer parts to create a science inspired art. each piece is layered computer text, literature, comic books, 3D tech, and other items to form multi-dimensional hanging art. the tech art focuses on balance and simplicity, while the tech people are more chaotic showing the duality Read more about tech art[…]

additional art

a mixture of paintings, pastels, and mixed media artwork, the Additional Art shows a variety of styles and mediums. the majority of the paintings are non-representational conceptual abstract works. ranging from expressionism to block-based images, each piece is directly affected by movement and color. showing pastels can be powerful, those works use strong, but subtle colors Read more about additional art[…]