Amy Brock

Amy Brock grew up surrounded by the scenic landscape of Signal Mountain, outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. From a young age, she was interested in the arts. Amy traveled and lived in multiple cities across the United States and went on to graduate with two BS degrees in Organizational Management and Information Technology, as well as a Master in Public Health. In addition to her degrees, she completed years of art courses, almost completing a BFA in Drawing.

Amy worked in the nonprofit field hoping to help others. During that time, she continued to paint and draw abstract artwork. Amy moved to Huntsville, Alabama with her family in 2010. Her IT degree and Huntsville’s tech city vibe has infused into her recent artworks, creating a unique 3D mixed media recycled art style. Amy is an artist who enjoys working in several mediums simultaneously, creating bold non-representational pieces, which are primarily conceptual abstract works using vivid colors and gestural lines, ranging from expressionism to figure-based art. Each piece is directly affected by movement and color, with a touch of humor and whimsy. Rather than presenting a factual reality, her unique perspective conjures the realms of our imagination.

Amy was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and uses her experience as a creative driving force in her artwork. She found art was a way to express her journey, as well as a way to heal. In addition to her art, she began blogging and writing about her cancer experiences as a way to help others. Read more about finding humor in the craziness of cancer at her blog –  TaTa Wars. Or view her newly published book, Being Cancer Happy.


Awards & Exhibitions

  • Light, Space, & Time Art’s All Women Exhibition, Special Recognition Award, ‘Teal Explosion’, Juniper, Florida, January 2018
  • Light, Space, & Time Art’s 7th Annual Animal Exhibition, Special Recognition Award, ‘Hare’, Juniper, Florida, June 2017
  • Fusion Art’s 2nd Annual Animal Kingdom Art Exhibition, ‘Block Elephant’, Palm Springs, California, May 2017
  • ArtisTTable’s 25th Exhibition – Selfie, ‘Fighter’, ‘Finding Happy’, ‘Purple Kat’, ‘Captured’, Online Gallery, May 2017
  • Lily Oncology on Canvas, Traveling Exhibition, ‘The Fighter’, 2014
  • “Art-in-Transit” Competition for art on city buses, Finalist, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1999


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