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Amy Brock is an artist and author, see her book Being Cancer Happy. Both websites, amy brock fine art and TataWars, are managed by Amy Brock under her business name happihare. Transactions made through Square or PayPal will be under happihare.



Purchasing original art
Original art can be purchase directly from me at happihare

happihare shop

Visit happihare’s shop to purchase original artwork.

Available art should be noted on the work at amy brock fine art. However, not all available art is listed for sale at happihare, as I rotate out various pieces for sale regularly.

If you do not see a work available at happihare or have any questions then email me noting the art you would like to purchase.


Purchasing art prints
Wanting a print? I am selling prints at my studio:

happihare – studio #302 – 2211 Seminole Drive – Huntsville, AL 35805

If you cannot visit happihare, shop online at happihare art shop – if a particular artwork image is not available, please email me specifying which artwork print you are interested in.


Commissioning art
If you are interested in a commissioned original painting or portrait, please email me regarding custom work. I will do my best to listen to your vision, while still applying my unique abstract style in either acrylic, oil, or pastels. 50% of the art’s sales price will be required up front.


Artwork pricing
After a lot of research, I decided to use the linear inch pricing method to try to keep prices consistent between small and large pieces. My current pricing structure adds the height and width of canvas sizes, then multiplies that total by my rate $5-15 (depending on artwork medium/size) to arrive at a base price. The base selling price can be rounded or adjusted depending on any additional supplies or time used to complete the piece.

linear inch x rate = price

Multiple factors may cause the prices to change, but this is my basic pricing formula. The final sales price is dependent on the materials used. Oil will have a higher cost per linear inch than acrylic and pastels, and the overall size of the each piece is considered (reducing the rates for smaller works and increasing the rates for larger works). Mixed media prices will have additional costs for the materials used, so mixed media artwork prices will vary.


Original artwork policy and terms
These are original signed works of art. Artwork is listed for sale via multiple sites and can be in exhibitions, however there is only 1 original item of art to purchase. If two individuals attempt to purchase the same artwork, the first buyer gets the artwork and the second buyer will receive a full refund. If artwork is purchased during an exhibition, then it will be shipped after the exhibition is over.


Payment & Refund policy and terms

All sales are final. If purchase is made directly with me, then the purchase and payment is protected by Square or PayPal. You must pay for the full price and shipping cost of the artwork before the purchased artwork is shipped. Currently, artwork is only shipped within the domestic United States. For international sales, please contact me.


Shipping info and terms
The artwork is packed with extra care and will be shipped as soon as possible. All artwork should be mailed within 2 business days to 1 week after receiving a clear payment from buyer. I will notify you if there is an expected delay, like if it is in an exhibit or I am out of town. Shipping rates vary depending on the type of art you order, but will range from $10.00-$20.00 on average. Mixed media and larger pieces of artwork can cost more, dependent on weight. Shipping deliveries should be to a physical location and not a PO Box due to the size of the artwork being shipped. For quicker shipping options, please contact the seller. Also, sale can be picked up at happihare art studio at Lowe Mill in Huntsville, AL during open hours.


Additional info
Thank you so much for showing interest or purchasing artwork from amy brock fine art. I am sure I have forgotten something, so please feel free to contact me with any questions. There may be unforeseen situations, and I will do my best to work with you. Thank you for your interest and support for the arts.


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