the Tech Art series examines technology through art using recycled computer parts to create science inspired art. each piece is layered computer text, literature, comic books, 3D tech, and other items to form multi-dimensional hanging art. the Tech Art series focuses on two different themes: our tech world & the people who use it.


cool fact: each tech art piece does not have a “right” way to hang. you can hang it from any of the four sides (or any direction) that appeals to you. if you want, change it up regularly… it is like four different pieces of art in one.


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the works focusing on computer based recycled art looks toward balance and simplicity. these tech art pieces allow the beautiful structured complexities behind the technology of our world to be re-purposed into art. these colorful computer parts are often small work of art themselves, and while they would have been trashed are now recycled into something completely new. the expansion of the information technology field has intertwined itself into almost all aspects of our world, as well as into our culture.

the work focusing on computer-based portrait art looks towards linear and organized chaos. these tech people are created by combining information technology text and part with items used or worn by people. we are immersed in our technology. these tech people represent the duality of our social reliance on technology, both the positive and negative effects on ourselves.

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